An anti hero enters the cryptocurrency market

For investors who think that cryptocurrencies are purely speculative investments, with no fundamental basis for their pricing, James Nguyen has news for you. He says cryptocurrencies have utility and the potential to create wealth. Nguyen is the chief executive of

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HiveEx promises a better crypto trading deal

Hive Empire, the company that owns the financial comparison site, has launched a cryptocurrency trading service,, offering sophisticated investors the ability to do larger trade efficiently. The trading service was kicked-off in February and has done $2 million

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Cryptocurrency values fall as Google bans ads

Google has announced that it will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising. The ban includes ads for digital wallets, initial coin offerings, trading advice and cryptocurrency exchanges. The ban follows a similar move by Facebook in January. Google said it had updated

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Cryptocurrency meets the genome

The use of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, with the announcement last week by the initial coin offering adviser DigitalX that it has been appointed adviser for the ICO of genomics company Shivom. Shivom is developing what it calls “the largest

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Disposing of a ‘digital estate’

The concept of a person’s estate now extends to digital assets, which includes Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency stored in a encrypted digital wallet. The process of disposing of such assets after a death is something not many digital natives has

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Mavis Robertson

Mavis: a tribute to her early years

(Pictured: Mavis Robertson) A lot has been written this past week since her untimely death, the result of complications from a fall. But Mavis Robertson’s early years, which defined her later career, are just as remarkable as her years in

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