Social media is here to stay so it is increasingly important to keep yourself and your team up to date on new online platforms to make sure the whole company is travelling at the same speed. Many businesses think the best option is to employ a social media manager, but it isn’t. Teaching your current staff – who already understand your brand and business – about the direction of your social media campaigns should be your first priority.

Staff engagement

Who better to engage online and aid in the promotion of your brand than your employees? Every staff member should be following your company from their personal social media accounts on your preferred platforms. So it is important for everyone to have a LinkedIn page, be connected to one another, yourself and the official company page. This ensures your corporate message has a consistent face and tone. When your staff understand the importance of social sharing and online engagement it is easier for them to actively participate, share, like and re-tweet your company’s posts and messages.

Money Saving

Training your existing staff members on how to utilise your chosen social media platforms helps engage employees and promote company wide knowledge and understanding. To employ an outside social media manager and to bring them up to speed on your company’s culture and corporate voice will be time consuming and costly. Far better to build from the inside out which allows for a seamless and coordinated campaign execution.

Staying on trend

Technology changes are fast and furious so it is hard for one driver to anticipate every twist and turn. By supplying your team with the right educational tools you will build a strong foundation for everyone to work on and improve together. It will allow you to share your brands news across a larger social media footprint and amplify your business. For example, if you have eight employees and each of them have 150 Twitter followers, every post on your Twitter page has the potential to reach 1,200 customers simply because of your staff.

Think before you hire! Existing management can be trained on the shifting social media technologies, saving you time and money all the while continuing to build your social media hub. This way your whole staff are active participants in pushing the business forward.

Are you engaging your staff online?

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