In an ASX release this morning, Pacific Environment announced the intention of expanding
international business activities particularly with its European partner, air quality consultant
Odournet, after a series of successful business activities in 2016.

Since partnering with Odournet, the UK air quality monitor has introduced Pacific
Environment to Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and wastewater company servicing
the Greater London region.

Pacific Environment has commenced at two of over thirty sites owned and operated by
Thames Water, working closely with Thames to integrate EnviroSuite with operational

This initial project, while being commercially significant in itself at $300,000 over 12 months,
has the potential to extend across all Thames Water sites to become a much larger concern
for the Group.

Furthermore, having seen this initial success of EnviroSuite’s application for one of the
world’s most recognised water authorities, the Odournet subsidiaries in Spain and France
have been working to procure similar engagements in targeted European cities.

“Partnering with recognised industry incumbents in targeted geographic regions is the
primary route to market for EnviroSuite in new territories,” Executive Chairman Murray
d’Almeida said.

“We consider that leveraging well-established client networks as well as local knowledge
and expertise is an expeditious route to market for the Group as it pursues step growth of
the EnviroSuite platform.”

Pacific Environment believes that partnerships and M&A appetite in Australia, and globally,
are on the rise and partnering with relevant and experienced off-shore companies should be
a key strategy for any technology business looking to break into international markets.

“Pacific Environment has engaged in a series of acquisitions across its life which has been
integral in growing not just the EnviroSuite platform, but also the consulting element of the
Group” Murray d’Almeida said.

“We saw first-hand the opportunities that an acquisition can present when we acquired DLA
Environmental in 2014, and we’re also seeing a healthy appetite in Australia for these types
of strategies.

“A number of companies are looking to collaborate to take advantage of the expertise of
others, especially with non-tech companies acquiring tech companies, which will lead to
expert business solutions and increased confidence to engage in international activities.”
Prior to the DLA acquisition Pacific Environment acquired Waste Solutions Australia (WSA), a
well-established consultancy specialising in hydrogeology, contaminated land, solid waste
and landfill gas services.

About Pacific Environment

Pacific Environment (ASX: PEH) is a leading Australian environmental technology and
consulting company. Their experts provide environmental consulting, monitoring,
automated reporting and predictive management solutions to a client base that spans
Australia and extends to New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe.
Their internationally recognised team provides quality service, built on decades of
successful delivery on even the most challenging projects. They also consult to
governments as independent experts.

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