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New Administrative Opportunity for Australia’s Super Industry

“We have a good mix of technological expertise and industry experience in our Recreo team,” said Matthew Crooks, Co-Founder and Managing Director.

“The growing SMSF sector is seeing a rise in the number of increasingly sophisticated investors who are looking for the edge that new technology might provide them, particularly in reducing costs.

“The market’s demand for cutting administrative costs means that there is opportunities for open platform that can provide investors immediate access, and with greater transparency at a competitive price,” he said.

“The flexibility of Recreo’s platforms will allow us to provide with both individual and institutional investors with more efficient and accessible services.”

Features of Recreo’s new user-friendly technology include:

  • Real-time tax estimation and CGT optimisation, allowing you to track in real time your tax options before the end of the financial year
  • Daily automated bank processing so that bank and broker transactions reconciled daily to reveal compliance or tax issues
  • Complete document management: easy access for both financial advisors and clients to check their documents and records in their time
  • Mobile technology and secure encryption that allows you to connect anywhere, anytime, any platform to measure your investments in real time
  • A 24/7 back up team of customer service professionals/team which includes professional tax experts, compliance specialists and SMSF advisors.

“Managing SMSFs is often made out to be a complex business but the new generation administrative technology it is possible to make it a lot easier for consumers,” said Crooks.

“We think the accessibility of Recreo’s technology will leave planners and clients with more time to focus on future financial plans rather than having to concentrate on working through administrative and compliance challenges.”

Prior to Recreo, Crooks was responsible for technology at Oasis Asset Management and worked a number of years on technology strategies for ING Asia Pacific.

Co-founder and director, David Johnston has more than two decades in financial services and been involved in some of the largest industry changes, ranging from the shift to full electronic administration and the move to Straight Throught Processing. More recently he co-founded Oasis Asset Management.

The Recreo site – www.recreo.com.au – went live today.

About Recreo
Recreo’s next-generation financial technology simplifies the complexities and administration of Self-Managed Super Funds. It performs real-time compliance checks, calculates and optimises Capital Gains Tax, and contains a full suite of 24/7 reporting and tax management tools – all within an easy-to use, functional navigation system.

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