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Emerald Wrap announces partnership with Impact 20/80 to promote socially responsible impact investments

Instreet Investment announced today it has entered a strategic partnership with Impact 20/80 to develop and promote the Emerald Club and its flagship product, The Emerald Wrap, an ethical platform for responsible investing.

Instreet managing director George Lucas says: “We identified a need for increased skills and leadership to improve the Emerald Wrap.

“The partnership with Impact 20/80 is a great opportunity for continued development, and represents our commitment to customers and partners to improve and develop effective, socially responsible investment products and solutions.”

Impact 20/80, which offers financial, advisory, investment and funds management services in the Impact Investment sector, was created by Michael Brookes, Lisa Wade and Matthew Dent to provide innovative co-created financial solutions for institutional and retail investors that generate financial returns in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

“The Emerald Wrap provides an avenue for such investment,” said Mr Lucas.

Michael Brookes has more than 30 years’ experience in investment. He has been a key innovator in the Australian hedge fund industry, is passionate about Impact Investing, the need to create financial platforms to increase the diversity of investment opportunities, and to ensure sustainable and efficient projects succeed.

Mr Brookes says: “Impact investing is gaining serious traction. Industry funds have been in the driver’s seat of about $600 billion of investing in this manner and now there is no shortage of retail investors getting into the passenger’s seat.”

“The value of Impact Investing at the retail end of the market grew 24 per cent to $32 billion last year. That’s quite a few investors ‘voting’ with their dollars. We believe the Emerald Wrap is the perfect go-to platform for these values-aligned investors.”

Lisa Wade is a proven pioneer in the socially responsible impact investment space with a reputation for driving superior investment returns while transitioning to a globally efficient economy. She has 20 years’ experience in the finance industry including co-founding Australia’s first Clean Energy Equity Fund in 2007, co-founder and managing director of Change Investment Management in 2009 and is a former director of Citi Australia.

Matthew Dent has more than 16 years’ experience working for a diverse range of organisations, including Macquarie Bank and most recently Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, where he helped shape the strategy for the group’s wealth businesses.

Mr Dent said “This is a fantastic opportunity for Impact 20/80 to strategically align ourselves with Australia’s only responsible investment platform to deliver on our vision of aligning customers’ investments and values.”

“My recent role with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank provided a rare opportunity for me to hone my strengths and skills to make a difference. The notion of a bank feeding into prosperity, not off it – profit for purpose and to make a difference – left a lasting impact on me.”

“What I learnt has contributed to shaping our strategic plans for Impact 20/80 and now via the Emerald Wrap.”

About The Emerald Club

The Emerald Club mentors and supports a community of financial advisers who encourage Australian investors to profit by supporting responsible businesses with values which align with their own, for the benefit of our collective future.

More info: http://theemeraldwrap.com.au/

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